‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’ - Damaged! Original Artwork

‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’ - Damaged! Original Artwork

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This semi-abstract piece ‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’- is one of a series of ready-to-hang, original paintings, in acrylics on a stretched slim canvas measuring approx. 100x70x3.5cm.

This would make a dramatic statement in any home or business environment. The colours and brush strokes will evoke emotions of the ocean and seaside. 

Due to the size of painting, I would highly recommend you personally collect it, however I have offered a delivery option at an extra cost.

*During the process of painting this piece, an accident occurred that created a tiny tear in the canvas. This is not noticeable in any way within the painting, but a photo shows how it looks from the back of the stretched canvas. The painting has been heavily discounted to reflect this ‘damaged’ piece. 



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